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Parent Talk


My commute was over 30 minutes to take my son here for 4 years

and we wouldn’t trade it! 

– Kate

We have been so impressed with our son’s growth in the last year that he has spent at Vista Montessori. He has grown so independent, THE TEACHERS ARE SO PATIENT AND THEIR TEACHING ABILITIES WE HOLD WITH INCREDIBLE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION.

 – Andrew and Misty

I love the idea that every time I drop off my child, I don’t have to worry. I know that SHE IS NURTURED IN A POSITIVE, SAFE ENVIRONMENT.

– Devin

Vista Montessori School is not merely a child containment facility, like many other daycares I looked at. THE STAFF AT VMS CARE ABOUT THE CHILD AS A PERSON AND CITIZEN OF THE WORLD. My daughter’s future is brighter as a result of her experience at VMS. – Casey 

MY CHILDREN WAKE UP EVERY MORNING EXCITED TO GO TO SCHOOL AND SEE THEIR FRIENDS. When I pick them up they are so happy and full of stories of what they did and learned that day. I couldn’t be happier that my children are so content and excited to be at Vista Montessori. The teachers are wonderful. I feel fortunate to have my children attend Vista Montessori School. – Shauna

From the first time I visited VMS THE CHILDREN WERE ALL CALM AND PLAYED WELL TOGETHER. The school is very clean and organized which makes it a safe and fun place to learn. Our child amazes us with the social and practical lessons he shares with us.  I love that he is evolving in his education at his own pace and has developed great peer relationships. 

– Jenninfer

We have been impressed from year to year with the emotional and intellectual growth we have seen in our son. THIS SCHOOL HAS CHANGED OUR LIVES. We started our son in a daycare in town and were very displeased. The difference in Vista Montessori School is almost indescribable. Thank you Melissa and the rest of the staff at Vista Montessori School. We love you all. – Kristen

VMS HAS BEEN A DAILY PART OF OUR FAMILY LIFE FOR THE BULK OF 10 YEARS. All 3 of my children have started their school career at 1 1/2 years old with VMS and I’ve never had to worry about their care or comfort. They keep things small, and in doing so have the time to give to our children the one on one attention to help them thrive. They’re always open to hear any concerns or suggestions and ready to work together with the families who are a part of their school. It’s a good sign when your preschooler constantly requests to be the first one dropped off in the morning and the last one picked up in the evening.

– Jane

My daughter is in her third year at Vista Montessori and has grown and learned so much. When she first started school, she was very shy and insecure. Now she is not only reading and doing math, but she is one of the leaders of the class. Thanks to the school and the wonderful teachers, she has a love of learning that she will carry with her for the rest of her life. HAVING MY DAUGHTER ATTEND VISTA MONTESSORI WAS ONE OF THE BEST DECISION WE HAVE EVER MADE. – Heather

My 18-mo has been here for about half a year, and we’re just thrilled with it. This is our third Montessori school–my older daughter attended two–and the philosophy, which I’m very familiar with as the child of a Montessori teacher, is practiced carefully and compassionately. The teachers and staff have always been cooperative and responsive with me, and warm and caring toward my toddler. Every time I pick him up, he’s happily engaged in some activity, either independently or with a teacher. I’ve looked at almost all the Montessori schools in the area, and while I wouldn’t hesitate to send my kids to any of them, THE INTIMATE AND THOUGHTFUL PROGRAM AT VMS HAS DEFINITELY BEEN THE RIGHT CHOICE FOR OUR FAMILY. – Josephine

MY SON WAS AT VMS FOR 5 YEARS (including Kindergarten) and I WOULDN'T TRADE THAT EXPERIENCE FOR ANYTHING! He learned so much more than any other place he could have been. They taught him how to be an independent, tiny person. They helped with everything from the normal math and reading to things like tying shoes, buttoning jackets, potty training, conflict resolution and SO much more. I knew every day when I dropped him off he was in for a well rounded day of learning that went well beyond what I could expect, even after years of being there! We’ve considered having another child and they would be enrolled at Vista with zero hesitation. I drove past multiple childcare and even other Montessori schools DAILY to stay at Vista and would do it again in a heartbeat!

– Stefanie 

WE LOVE VISTA MONTESSORI SCHOOL! My son was a student here for four years. When he graduated kindergarten, he was reading at a second-grade level. The teachers know just how to push their students and make them want to work hard. The transition from Montessori to public school and first grade was a concern of mine, but it has all been seamless. My daughter is a current student (she’s 2 1/2) and we are equally as pleased. She loves all of her teachers and is excited every day to tell me what lessons she worked on. The staff at VMS has been very supportive and helpful with her potty training as well. Can’t say enough good things about the teachers (and Mr Dave)!! – Melissa

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